Aims and Philosophy


Sustainablity in practice: natural values and value creation

The Bavarian Forest and the Kalkalpen Alpine regions have much in common: both are national park and both produce wood of the finest quality. Wood that needs time to grow and mature – this is what quality in wood means and it is a material that simply cries out to be perfected by the hand of a master craftsman.

Respect for nature is reflected in the professional manner in which this superb natural material is treated. Those regions which are rooted in a strong sense of tradition all have outstanding craftsmanship cultures which successfully combine the art of the master with all the latest manufacturing technologies and methods. The availability of local timber plus rich experience in craftsmanship are the fruitful soil from which classic furniture of incomparable and timeless beauty emerge as a result of the creativity and assured aesthetic perception of the people who make it.


Table and chairs: focus of communication and expression of stylish living.

The table and its chairs are the epicentre of the communicative decision-making process. At both an emotional and rational level:

When we meet and wish to get to know someone we invariably invite them to share a meal. The food we serve is important, but the first impression is even more so. The atmosphere created as an expression of our own personality or taste – and self-esteem. No matter what phase of life: The table-fellowship evokes powerful emotions that find expression in the chosen setting.

Decisions are made at the table. This is a fact firmly anchored in the language we use. We never make important decisions “on our feet” and all disputes are dealt with at the “round table”, openness and preparedness for dialogue are recognised by the “offering of a place” or an “invitation to the table”. Decisions with the most profound existential effects are made around the table – and this regardless of whether it is a kitchen or a conference table. Plans for life are unthinkable without a table and chairs – a fact unchanged by the centuries or by the pace of modern life.


Modularity: expression of clarity and flexibility

Modularity is distinguished by simplicity in use. A limited and clearly defined and differentiated number of separate elements are the essentials that allow variety. And a distinguishing mark of the professional is the ability to offer customers many variants using one and the same assembly kit family. Customers then have the opportunity to adjust the modular interior to their own circumstances in life.

For example: good table talk leads to the establishment of relationships, which frequently extend up to and including the decisions of living together in future as a couple, or of sharing the same place together as part of a family. The proven and clearly successful centre of communications can never be done away with in its entirety: the successful table is always skilfully adapted to each new situation in life. None of its elements is ever left unused, as is the case with standard extending tables. Each element has its own place in our everyday life. Modules are the symbol of our time: They fulfil the expectation of flexibility while allowing us to remain loyal to our own personal style.

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